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Updated:  April, 2024

The Annual Tuition Program operates on an Academic Term (September-June) tuition schedule.

Optional summer lessons are available.

Lessons are offered every week throughout the Academic Term with the exception of:

Thanksgiving Weekend (Saturday-Monday), Christmas Break (2 weeks),

March Break, Easter (Friday-Sunday only),

Spring Showcase Break (following the May performance), June Break 

Coming Soon


Tuition Instalments

Ten (10) monthly instalments are invoiced on the 15th of each month  (invoiced August - May).

METHOD OF PAYMENT:  Interac email money transfer ONLY to

Tuition is prepaid and due by the first day of each month.  If tuition is unpaid as of the first of the month, lessons will be suspended until payment is received.  Any lessons missed during the suspension period are forfeited.


Tuition Deposit 

A tuition deposit is required as a non-refundable deposit at the time of registration.  This tuition deposit will be applied to the August invoice for the September tuition instalment.

To retain your priority as a RETURNING ACTIVE STUDENT:  the tuition deposit of $100 must be received upon registration for the upcoming studio year.

To complete registration as a NEW STUDENT:  the tuition deposit of $100 must be received upon registration.


There are three delivery options for lessons:  IN PERSON lessons, BLENDED lessons, and VIRTUAL lessons.

Availability of lesson delivery options is dependent on each individual teacher.

*Click here to learn more about our Lesson Delivery Options*


By registering for lessons with LIH, each student and family agrees to adhere to the health and safety protocols placed into effect by LIH for community safety purposes.  Click the links below to view the different policies related to COVID-19.

Current Health Practices and Illness Policy


***All cancellations must be made through the online Student Portal***

If the teacher arrives at the student's home and the student is not available for the lesson, the lesson is forfeited.

Lessons may be cancelled by the student six (6) hours before the scheduled lesson with no charge for the lesson (a RUBATO lesson is applied). If the lesson is cancelled less than six hours before the scheduled lesson, the full lesson fee will be charged (no RUBATO lesson will be offered).  Kindly give as much notice as possible to facilitate adjustment of the teacher's schedule!

Student RUBATO Lessons 

Tuition includes 33 private lessons (including the Spring Showcase) during the Academic Term, September through June.  The studio schedule offers 35 lesson weeks to each student.   The TWO additional uncharged RUBATO lessons are offered in lieu of make up lessons. When students miss a scheduled lesson, they simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  No makeups, credits, or refunds are given.  If more than two lessons are missed by the student, any additional lessons are forfeited. 

Teacher FLEX Time

Teacher FLEX time is built into the Academic Term as TWO additional uncharged lesson weeks. A teacher may cancel lessons at any time throughout the year for illness, family conflicts, or holidays. These two FLEX time lessons will not be made up at any time. Any additional lessons missed by the teacher will be offered in July and August.


Learning in Harmony reserves the right to shift to virtual lesson delivery at any time during the studio year.  Depending on the determining factor, this may be for one lesson day, a series of indicated lesson days, or a temporary full-time shift to virtual lessons. 


Virtual lessons will be implemented in ALL cases of inclement weather as determined by the OSTA (Ottawa School Transportation Authority).  If the OSTA cancels school buses, lessons will AUTOMATICALLY be shifted to virtual lesson delivery.  This process ensures the safety of our teachers during inclement weather while ensuring that students do not miss a lesson.  If the online lesson is declined by the student, a Student RUBATO lesson will be applied.


Punctuality is very important to us. However, especially for in-person lessons, there can be extenuating circumstances including traffic, construction, and unexpected inclement weather.  Due to these (and other) variables, lessons may begin within a 15 minute window after the given lesson start time. Lessons will still be given for the full lesson period assigned whenever possible.

If a teacher expects to be more than 15 minutes late for the lesson, an email notification will be sent to the parent. 


In the rare case of cancellation due to teacher illness or family emergency, we will strive to provide you with notification as early as possible.


Every student stops taking lessons at some point in their music career whether it is 1 year, 5 years, or 20 years into music lessons. Ideally, this decision is made thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can end on a positive note.

2 weeks notice in writing (via email) is required prior to discontinuing lessons.

Cancelling Lessons
Discontinuing Lessons
RUBATO lessons
Teacher Cancellation
Inclement Weather
Lesson Delivery Options
Health and Safety
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