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Kati Auchinlec
Christy's head shot
Christy Laarakker
Piano Specialist

Piano, Vocal Technique, Music Theory

I believe that music has the power to transform lives. Beginning my studies in voice and piano through the Royal Conservatory of music, I was eventually inspired to major in music and neuroscience at Dalhousie University with a focus on piano performance. While classical music was my main focus of study for both piano and voice, I have since broadened my focus to include additional genres and have had the honour and joy of leading music groups and choirs.


Through both my undergraduate degree and master’s degree in Cognitive Science, I studied music’s impact on the brain and music perception. I continue to enjoy studying perception through my PhD in Neuroscience. I have experience working with all ages and abilities and focus on creating a learning environment that is formulated specifically for the individual. I am very passionate and well versed in both music and learning techniques and love to see my students thrive through their musical experience.

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