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Balance the details...

Fine tune your schedule to find the freedom that a balanced life can bring.

Can I book my lessons in advance for the rest of the year?

Yes! If you are an advance planner or you prefer consistent lesson times, I would advise you to book all of your lessons as soon as the credits appear on your account.

What if I book in advance and need to change a date?

No problem at all! The flexible rescheduling option applies to every single lesson on your MMS calendar, whether it's part of the scheduled block or the virtual/FLEX block. Just click cancel and reschedule to a more convenient time!

When can I book a lesson?

All virtual/FLEX lessons can be booked up to 24 hours before the lesson. This limit is necessary in order to allow time to properly prepare for each student's lesson.

My lesson time is longer than 40 minutes but I only see 40 minute booking options.  What should I do?

Please book your lesson at a start time that is convenient for you. We will still have a full lesson! (I will extend your lesson manually in the calendar.)

May I book one of the virtual/FLEX lessons that are in the SCHEDULED block?

Maybe - as long as you are only booking ONE LESSON PER WEEK! An example of this may be when you have a conflict and want to shift the lesson time for that specific week.

Where can I find the number of remaining lesson credits?

On your student portal menu, click on the Home button at the top. The Home page will show you the number of lesson credits available (They call them Make Up Credits) at the top centre of the page. You can also easily see when your next lesson is scheduled by looking at the agenda to the right!

Do I need to cancel a lesson 24 hours in advance?

Nope! The Hybrid Block system offers a generous SIX HOUR ADVANCE Cancelling policy. Please cancel six hours before the lesson time in order to retain your lesson credit. The credit will be forfeited if cancellation occurs after that time.

Should I email you if I cancel?

No need! When you click cancel, the system will notify me directly. When you reschedule, I will also be notified by the system.

How many lesson credits do I have to use until the end of the studio year?

Five lesson credits will be issued. There is one lesson credit available for each virtual/FLEX block from January to June.

May I book a lesson for both of the weeks in the same virtual/FLEX block?

Of course! Perhaps there's a period of time later in the year when your family is travelling or maybe you have a high school student who would like to free up study weeks during the exam periods. Simply apply the "ONE lesson per week" Rule! REMEMBER: if you choose to use two credits during one virtual/FLEX block, you will run out of credits later in the year.

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