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LIH Summer Sampler

Try out piano lessons in your home with NO long-term commitment!

Do I need a piano?

A piano or keyboard is needed for the summer sampler opportunity. Keyboards can be rented at local music stores or perhaps the lessons can be held at a friend or family member's home if you do not have a home instrument!

How many lessons are in the Summer Sampler?

Let us schedule around your summer plans! There are 9 weeks available for the summer and you can choose the weeks that work for you! A minimum of four lessons is required so you can have the best experience!

What are the Summer Sampler rates?

With our special 10th Anniversary promotion, book six lesson weeks or more to get a 10% discount on the Summer Sampler package. Each 30 minute private in-home lesson includes travel to your home and any printed materials for $42 per week.

Can I sample a different instrument?

Yes! This is an ideal time to prepare for the first year of instrument study in school! All instruments can be rented on a monthly basis from a local music store. Please contact us for more information!

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