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Keeping our LIH Community Healthy!

(Daytime OR Extended)

Please reserve these Virtual lessons for students whose IN-PERSON lesson was affected by COVID-19.

There is NO guarantee of an available virtual lesson time.

If a mutually convenient time can not be agreed upon, a RUBATO lesson will be used.

This COVID-19 related lesson replacement program is limited to
TWO uses per year/per student.

(see Studio Policy for additional details)


Daytime Virtual lessons may be arranged

between 1 and 3 PM

within SEVEN days of the original lesson.

(Other times MAY be available if mutually convenient.)

Lessons may be taken on the same day before 3 PM

if the student feels able.


Extended Lessons will lengthen the next TWO virtual lessons in the Blended lesson cycle.

These lessons must be completed within the same lesson cycle.

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